“Excellent workshop and great opportunity to network with colleagues from a lot of different countries.

- European HIV Clinical Forum 2019

The HIV CLINICAL FORUM - series is a worldwide educational program of interactive meetings that provide independent medical education on emerging topics in HIV. It is an abstract-driven program dedicated to the integration of science and clinical practice focusing on new treatment strategies. The revered format is comprised of the highly praised “meet the professors” lunches, lively panel discussions, and indispensable clinical case discussions.


Basic science  |  Resistance  |  Novel therapies  |  Pharmacology  |  Future strategies 

Special populations  |  Reduced regimens  |  Clinical practice

The revered format is comprised of:


panel discussions

The highly praised

“meet the professors” lunches


clinical case discussions


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2020 - Upcoming Forum Meetings

  European HIV Clinical Forum 


Paris, France

26 May 2020

  St. Petersburg HIV Clinical Forum 


St. Petersburg, Russia

27 May 2020

  Asia Pacific HIV Clinical Forum 


Bangkok, Thailand

3 June 2020

  São Paulo HIV Clinical Forum 


São Paulo, Brazil

24 June 2020

  Global HIV Clinical Forum 


San Francisco (CA), USA

5 July 2020

  Rio HIV Clinical Forum 


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

19 August 2020

  Argentinian HIV Clinical Forum 


Buenos Aires, Argentina

26 August 2020

  Salvador HIV Clinical Forum 


Salvador, Brazil

27 August 2020

  Nurses & Pharmacists HIV Clinical 

  Forum 2020 

London, UK

Q4 2020 (TBC)

  Chinese HIV Clinical Forum 


Xia'men, China

October 2020

  Chinese HIV Clinical Forum Series 


5 Cities (TBC), China

October 2020

  Russian HIV Clinical Forum Series 


4 Cities (TBC), Russia

November 2020

  Riyadh HIV Clinical Forum 


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

November 2020

2019 - Previous Forum Meetings

Enduring materials to last year's Forum meetings can be found here below by clicking on the meeting's button.


Program Chairs

Charles Boucher


Medical Center,
The Netherlands

Jonathan Schapiro 


Medical Center


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