prior to the Asia Pacific AIDS & Co-Infections Conference (APACC) 2020

is coming to Bangkok, Thailand on the 3rd of June

The Asia Pacific HIV Clinical Forum 2020 provides challenging plenary lectures in English followed by ample time for Q&A and debate, stimulating interaction in order to bridge the knowledge gap between experts and the HIV treating community in the Asia Pacific region. The meeting is scheduled prior to the Asia Pacific AIDS & Co-Infections Conference (APACC) 2020, which will allow healthcare professionals to combine both meetings in one trip thus limiting travel time and the number of days away from the clinic.


This program will feature challenging plenary lectures followed by ample time for Q&A and debate, stimulating interaction and the sharing of knowledge within the HIV-treating community. The program will end with a networking reception for community building; thus, providing delegates with the unique opportunity to meet their colleagues in a focused and scientific setting.


18 February 2019 - Asia Pacific HIV Clinical Forum 2020 and APACC 2020 to Take Place as Scheduled!

We at Virology Education have been closely monitoring the global outbreak of COVID-19 novel coronavirus and are pleased to share that the Asia Pacific HIV Clinical Forum 2020 (3 June) and APACC 2020 (4-6 June) will take place as scheduled in Bangkok, Thailand. We are confident that the situation is under control and that our delegates, partners, and exhibitors can safely participate.


Virology Education is taking this situation very seriously and will continue to follow developments over the course of the next few months to ensure that we are observing all necessary health and safety precautions.


We are available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about your participation.


For more information, please contact Mr. Jesper Niesen at or +31 (0)30 23 07 147.



Access the meeting proceedings of the 


Charles Boucher

Erasmus Medical Center,

the Netherlands

Jonathan Schapiro


Medical Center,


Kiat Ruxrungtham 


Chulalongkorn University,
Bangkok, Thailand

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Asia Pacific HIV Clinical Forum 2020

Bangkok, Thailand | 3 June


The HIV Clinical Forum is a series of interactive programs that provide an independent scientific program on emerging topics in HIV involving experts where HIV clinicians and allied healthcare professionals receive updates on the latest developments related to HIV management, where they can share their clinical experience and present the results from their ongoing and completed cohorts/ research programs.


Furthermore, the HIV Clinical Forum provides an educational setting where healthcare professionals can acquire specific skills that will enhance their capabilities to interpret research results and even develop new research projects



          09.00h    Welcome

                         Kiat Ruxrungtham, MD - Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

          09.05h    Introductions and Goals

                         Jonathan Schapiro, MD - Sheba Medical Center, Israel

          10:30h    Coffee Break 

          Session 2 - Clinical aspects implementation of PrEP

          Chairs: To be confirmed

          11.00h    Implementation of PrEP - Efficacy and Resistance considerations

          11.25h    Implementation of PrEP - Social aspects and STI risk compensation

          11.50h    PrEP implementation in real-life (case based presentation)

          12.05h    Discussion

          12.15h    Oral abstract presentations (3-4 abstracts)

          13:00h    Lunch 

          Session 3 - Subtypes, Gender and Ethnicity: Do they impact HIV Care

          Chairs: To be confirmed

          14.00h    HIV subtypes, Gender & Ethnicity - Virologic and Resistance implications

          14.25h    HIV subtypes, Gender & Ethnicity - Toxicity implications

          14.50h    HIV subtypes, Gender & Ethnicity - Pharmacological implications

          15.15h    Clinical Case

          15:30h    Coffee Break

          Session 4

          Chairs: To be confirmed

          16.00h    Two versus Three drugs - Relevance for the Asian Settings

          16.25h    Treatment options for experienced patients

          16.50h    Update of Long-acting ARVs

          17.15h    Discussion

          17:30h    Closure of the Program

                         Charles Boucher, MD, PhD - Erasmus Medical Center, the Netherlands



Registration is free of charge for all academia registrants*. A registration fee applies to other individuals.

*Academia is defined as a representative of a university, hospital or an educational institute. If you are a representative of an NGO, Government Agency or are attending from a RLS country, you may be eligible for a discount. Please, contact the Conference Secretariat for more information at if you are not sure.

          08.00h    Registration, Reception, Coffee

          Session 1

          Chairs: To be confirmed

          09.15h    Opening Lecture: HIV Drug Resistance in Asia

          09.35h    State-of-the-Art Lecture; Clinical considerations INSTIs (update)

          10.00h    Selected Treatment Highlights - CROI 2020 - regional relevance

          10.25h    Discussion



 The application is open until Friday, 3 April 2020, at 00:00 AM Bangkok time.


Click the "SCHOLARSHIP - APPLY HERE" button to submit your application.

The meeting code to submit for a Scholarship is APACC2020.

Virology Education (VE) is offering Scholarships for the Asia Pacific AIDS & Co-Infections Conference (APACC) 2020, Asia Pacific HIV Clinical Forum 2020 and Asian Stigma & Discrimination Forum to HIV healthcare professionals from the Asia Pacific region who have actively participated in original research or scientific work that is being presented at the meetings.
Please note that any applications from outside the Asia Pacific region will automatically be declined.

  • Free registration for the Asia Pacific AIDS & Co-Infections Conference (APACC) 2020 (4-6 June).

  • Free registration for the Asia Pacific HIV Clinical Forum 2020 (3 June).

  • Free registration for the Asian Stigma & Discrimination Forum (4 June, morning).

  • Travel support up to EUR 500.

  • Hotel accommodation for 4 nights with check-in on 2 June and check-out on 6 June.

Please note:
   - All arrangements will be made by VE.
   - Applicants must attend the entire program to the Conference.
   - Applicants will be responsible for all other costs associated with Conference attendance .
   - Please see the Conference website for further details about each Conference.

  • All scholarship awardees are required to attend the full meetings and participate actively for the duration of all meetings.

  • Awardees must sign-in at the beginning of each meeting and sign-out at the end of each day as requested by VE. 

  • At the close of the Conference, awardees must have completed the daily and overall conference evaluations.

  • Awardees will provide a post-meeting feedback and summary about his/ her entire Conference experience within one month after the end of the Conference. The feedback questionnaire will be an online survey with the recipient providing feedback on their experience at the conference, Scholarship procedure and how they will implement the knowledge acquired at the meeting in their daily practice. The questionnaire will be sent to each recipient by e-mail within one week after the conclusion of the Conference.

  • The applicant must be proficient in English to interact with faculty and fellow attendees.

  • The applicant must be a Healthcare Professional.

  • The applicant must be from the Asia Pacific region.

  • The applicant must be able to show benefits to their patients/ research/ community from attending the meeting.

  • The applicant must be willing and able to share information learned at the meetings with a larger community.

  • The applicant must be eligible to obtain a visa for travel if needed.

  • The applicant must declare that she/ he is able and willing to fund all other costs beyond the grant that are involved in attending the Conference, e.g. all other hotel, travel and subsistence expenses NOT covered by the Scholarship.

  • The applicant must declare to take out her/ his own insurance policies (for travel, liability, illness and/ or other necessary insurances in relation to her/ his participation to the Conference).

  • VE will automatically decline all Scholarship applications that do not confirm to the eligibility terms.



The Scholarship application must be submitted online through our Scholarship Application Portal by Friday, 3 April 2020 at the latest.

The applicant will be asked to submit a Motivation Letter (in 100-200 words)​ describing how their patients/ research/ community will benefit from the knowledge gained at these meetings and their knowledge dissemination strategy, a CV and a Letter of Recommendation (optional). The meeting code to submit for a Scholarship is APACC2020.

  • All applications will be acknowledged upon receipt.

  • All applications will be reviewed by an independent Scholarship Review Committee.

  • All applications will be notified about the status of their application no later than Friday, 1 May 2020.

  • Successful applicants will be sent a Scholarship agreement.

  • After receipt of the signed Scholarship agreement, successful applicants will receive instructions for travel arrangements.


  • Professional background.

  • Country of residence.

  • Recommendation by your supervisor.

  • Quality of the abstract (if accepted).

  • Demonstrable benefits to patients/ research/ community by the knowledge to be gained at this meeting.

  • Strategy of knowledge dissemination.

  • Young/ Early Career Investigator.


  • Incomplete applications will not be considered. VE cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information that is submitted through the Scholarship application portal.

  • All travel arrangements will be made by VE in collaboration with their preferred business travel partner. VE cannot reimburse any travel costs made by participants themselves.

  • Retrospective applications will not be considered.

  • Scholarship recipients must attend the entire conferences.

  • Scholarship recipients are committed to attend the meetings in person. If they fail to do so, they will be charged the full amount of the travel and accommodation costs incurred and will be excluded from applications for future Scholarships of VE.

  • Scholarships are non-transferable.

  • VE cannot guarantee awarding a Scholarship to prospective Grantees until the confirmation of available funds. In the event that sufficient funding for the Scholarship is not available, VE will not be liable for any expenses or damages incurred by the prospective scholarship recipient with regards to the Scholarship Application and/ or preparation for the meeting.

  • Applications will be considered until the exhaustion of funds.

  • Scholarship recipients will be responsible for all other costs associated with conference attendance.

  • VE will not be liable for any injury, death, damage, loss, delay, cost, expense, or inconvenience, causes of action claims and suits for property damage, theft of property or personal injury (including death) arising in connection with the Scholarship and participation in the Conference.

  • VE reserves the right to make the final decision regarding all applications, which cannot be disputed.

Taiwan AIDS Society (TAS)
International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (IAPAC)
Infectious Disease Association of Thailand (IDAT)
The Society for AIDS Care (SAC)
AIDS Society of the Philippines (ASP)
Health Action Coordinating Committee (HACC)


Practical Information

We trust that the following information (in alphabetical order) will assist you in organizing your registration and stay in Bangkok, Thailand for the Asia Pacific HIV Clinical Forum 2020.


Information on accommodation will follow shortly.



Make sure to pick up your badge at the registration desk. All participants are requested to wear the badge at all times during the Forum meeting to ensure admission to the venue.


Certificate of Attendance

A certificate of attendance will be sent by e-mail after the Forum meeting in the following week.


Meeting materials

Meeting materials can be obtained upon registration at the registration desk at the venue starting at 08:00h on 3 June.


Meeting language

The official meeting language is English.



The Forum is intended for educational purposes only and aims to offer participants the opportunity to share information. The Organizing Secretariat of this Forum meeting, Virology Education, cannot accept any liability for the scientific content of the sessions or for any claims which may result from the use of information or publications from this Forum meeting. Virology Education disclaims all liability for injuries or losses of whatever nature incurred by individuals attending the Forum.

Liability and insurance

By registering for the Forum, participants agree that the organizers do not accept responsibility for medical-, travel- or personal insurance. Participants are advised to take out their own insurance policies.


Meeting venue

The meeting will be held at the True Icon Hall.

True Icon Hall

299 Soi Charoen Nakhon 5

Charoen Nakhon Road, Khlong Ton Sai,

Khlong San, Bangkok 10600



Telephone: +66 20 37 79 99

Location: Google Maps

Internet access

Free Wi-Fi will be available in the meeting room. Access codes to the free Wi-Fi will be shared on the first day of the Forum meeting.


Payment and procedure of online registration

Registration is free of charge to all healthcare practitioners. You will get a confirmation of the registration within 1-5 business days. If you did not receive a confirmation, please contact the Organizing Secretariat e-mail:


Photographs, audio and video recording

Photographs as well as audio and video recordings are not permitted at the official Forum meeting sessions. Only the official medical writer, appointed by the organization, may make recordings. All presentations, will be posted on the Forum website as soon as possible after the Forum meeting is finished, provided the speaker has given permission to do so.


Related meetings

The Asia Pacific HIV Clinical Forum 2020 will take place on 3 June prior to the Asia Pacific AIDS & Co-infections Conference (APACC) 2020 scheduled on 4-6 June in Bangkok, Thailand. The Asian Stigma & Discrimination Forum will take place in the in the morning of 4 June at the same venue. For more information, please visit the APACC 2020 conference website here.



For any inquiries or questions, please contact Virology Education at or call +31 (0)30 230 7147. You can also contact us by filling out the contact form.

Jesper Niesen

Project Manager

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