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The Brazilian HIV Forum Educational series was held on 19 – 23 March 2018 in Brazil.

The meeting was a great success with more than 200 attendees visiting the meeting in all five cities!

The Brazilian HIV Forum Educational series focused entirely on Integrase Inhibitors as Integrase Inhibitors are rapidly gaining a central role in the routine care of HIV infected individuals. The HIV Clinical Forum meetings aim at enhancing the clinical skills and research capabilities of HIV healthcare professionals in regard to this unique class of antiretroviral drugs.

The meeting presentations have been made available on Infectious Diseases Online (given that speakers have provided their permission).

We would like to thank ViiV Healthcare for their unrestricted educational grant. We would also like to thank our meeting partner SBI for their invaluable support of the meeting and of course a big thank you to all of our participants in making this meeting into a huge success!

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The Program Chairs



Antiretroviral therapy has resulted in immense reductions in morbidity and mortality in HIV infected individuals in Brazil as in many other countries. But optimal clinical implementation in routine care of antiretroviral drugs is a challenge due to the rapid pace at which new and improved compounds have been approved for use and are now available to HIV providers and patients in Brazil. Integrase inhibitors are no exception, and their optimal use presents a significant challenge to the busy clinician. Not only does this drug class differ significantly from older classes, the individual drugs of the class also differ greatly in a number of key characteristics (such as pharmacology and barrier to resistance). A wealth of clinically relevant data is presented at scientific meetings and published in the peer reviewed literature at a pace exceedingly difficult for the busy Brazilian practicing clinician to keep up with. In addition, treatment Guidelines reflecting these data and clinical experience are also being updated at a rapid pace.


To educate HIV healthcare professionals in Brazil on how to optimally use Integrase Inhibitors in daily clinical practice, we have developed a series of HIV Clinical Fora in several cities in Brazil. During the program the Brazilian clinicians can be informed and updated on relevant data and engage in dialogue with experts and colleagues in a concise, concentrated, and efficient manner.


Charles Boucher

 MD, PhD
Erasmus Medical Center,
The Netherlands

Mauro Schechter

 MD, PhD

Federal University

of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Antônio Bandeira, MD

Hospital Aliança,

Sergio Cimerman, MD

Sociedade Brasileira de Infectologia (SBI),
São Paulo

Dimas Alexandre Kliemann, MD, PhD

Irmandade Santa Casa de Misericórdia,
Porto Alegre


Roberta Schiavon Nogueira, MD

CRT-DST / Aids SP,
São Paulo

Estevão Urbano, MD

Hospital Vila da Serra,
Belo Horizonte

Tânia Vergara, MD

Sociedade de Infectologia do Rio de Janeiro,
Rio de Janeiro

This educational activity was supported by an independent educational grant from ViiV Healthcare. ViiV Healthcare was not involved in the development of content or selection of faculty for this educational activity.



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Project Manager

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Logistical Manager

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